Why Bobby Jindal’s ethics plan is already a failure.

The advisory council appointed by Bobby Jindal to suggest ethics reform has completed its suggestions. There are some good ideas in the plan and I will not begrudge anybody for trying to clean up Louisiana. However, this statement explains why Louisiana will still be a corrupt state after all is said and done.

10. Undertake a review to reform campaign finance laws. Because this issue was not a primary focus of the Council, members recommend conducting additional research to determine specific measures for campaign finance reform.

            The fact that campaign finance law was not a primary focus of the Council says a lot about how meaningful this reform will be. Of course, I am not surprised that Bobby Jindal did not make campaign finance reform a priority. Bobby Jindal benefits by our current system of campaign finance laws. As I have shown both on here and on jindalisbad.com, and others have showed on other sites, Bobby Jindal has gotten campaign contributions from people who abuse the loopholes by using multiple corporations to funnel tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign.

            In fact, I wonder how many of these suggestions made by the advisory council will impact Bobby Jindal’s reelection campaign. My guess would be that nothing in what is suggested will impact Bobby Jindal whatsoever. I am sure any legislation will be drafted in such a way to make sure that Bobby Jindal can follow the same unethical practices he embraced in previous campaigns.

            Finally, if you want to know how tough Bobby Jindal is going to be on ethics reform, all you have to do is look at his executive order on the required financial disclosures of his cabinet members. They are not required to file them immediately, or in 30 days or even 90 days. They have to file them by January 2009. Such tough standards Jindal has set up for his own staff… a year? You have to be kidding me! Oh, I’m sure his worshipers will still lift him up as a paragon of virtue. And I am sure than when an ethics bill gets passed he will be seen as a hero and the T-P will sing the praises of Jindal and his hard work.

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