Jindal circumvents the law yet again.

We all know Jindal circumvented the law in accepting campaign contributions from people who used multiple corporations to funnel money to his campaign.

C.B. Forgotston now shows us how Bobby Jindal is circumventing Louisiana’s open meetings law by having private meetings about upcoming legislation with groups of legislators that do not compose an official quorum.

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  1. Martha G. Kane says:

    Thank God for C.B. Forgotson! You are really our guardian angel! Thank you for all your courage and knowledge. Can you give us some direction on how to do what PA did? Surely the people of LA can do this if PA could. I am not computer savvy, but I’m HELL ON WHEELS in the area of knocking on doors and getting signatures. Please give me some direction on how to do this effectively. May God bless and keep you, Martha G. Kane, 325 Huntington Dr., Slidell, LA 70458 (985) 643-2729

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