Jindal campaign worker to pay ethics fine.

Jindal’s campaign treasurer, Rolfe McCollister, has said he will pay the fine, according to The Associated Press.

Now my question is this. How much more money will Rolfe McCollister get paid as campaign treasurer over the next year? And the answer is, we won’t know until next February 15th when Jindal’s 2008 annual campaign finance report will be due. Because until then, they do not have to file any funds spent over the course of 2008 to anybody. So the Bobby Jindal campaign gets to give the appearance of being consistent by “forcing” the treasurer to pony up the cash. However, the reality is that by simply paying him to be treasurer, they can get around the whole issue of whether his campaign is paying the fine and nobody will know the difference. So I guess, only time will tell.

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  1. Daniel Z. says:

    Karen “Benedict Arnold” Carter Peterson just had legislation pass the house that would require Jindal to pay the fine (thus preventing rolfe from paying it)

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