The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012, some saying that this means the end of the world. I find it quite fitting that Jindal’s ethics plan will also be starting that year. Perhaps Bobby Jindal feels that ethics change will literally (sorry oyster) be the end of the world.

On 99.5 this afternoon, Garey Forster was discussing the planned start date for Jindal’s ethics legislation. Garey, a former Republican legislator, was highly aggravated (to say the least) at the fact that Jindal’s ethics call will not effect Jindal, or any other of the legislators, for the entire first term.

There was also talk of the legislation grandfathering in current people serving in government.

I think I will just outwardly laugh at anybody who tries to claim that Jindal is strong on ethics. I mean seriously, 2012? How is that supposed to fix the “perception” of ethical problems in Louisiana, let alone the actual ethical problems?

Of course, I anticipate that the Jindal apologists will claim that this was the only way for him to get any legislation passed.

I find it hard to believe that Jindal actually feels that we are embarking “on the single most important endeavor for the future of Louisiana“. Seems like if it was that important, he would want to get there in much less than 4 years.

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