Who is behind “Believe in Louisiana”?

Recent ads have aired on TV telling people to support Bobby Jindal’s special economic session and touting Jindal’s ethics session as a success. They selectively quote some articles in the media saying that Jindal’s bills got passed but ignored the others that happened to be critical of his double standards.

The ads have the look, and smell, of a Bobby Jindal propaganda machine and it has caused me (and others) to need to dig deeper.

Looking at the “about us” page on the “Believe in Louisiana” website, they are a non-profit Corporation:

Believe in Louisiana is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Louisiana, and registered as a 527 political organization under the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions and expenditures will be publicly disclosed. Believe in Louisiana knows that complete transparency is very important to us, just as it should be in government.

If you look at the entry for “Believe in Louisiana” in the Louisiana Corporation Database, you will see that the Director of it is Rolfe McCollister. Rolfe was the chair of Jindal’s transition team and was also Bobby Jindal’s treasurer for his recent campaign for Governor. He is also the publisher of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, a newspaper that has a conservative slant and has been shown to produce several peices of Jindal apologia.

In an article on the Believe in Louisiana 527 group, Jindal is said to have named Julio Melara (President of the Baton Rouge Business Report) to a political appointment after the creation of the group (a little quid pro quo perhaps?). It also says that Jindal is very happy that the group exists (I’m sure he is).

So, it seems to me that Believe in Louisiana is clearly the propaganda wing of the Jindal administration. Much like Pravda of the old Soviet Union, it will likely be used push the agenda of the Jindal administration and to prop up the public opinion of Jindal by only sharing the twisted truths that Jindal will have you believe. It will probably be supported by the same people who supported the LCRM. They claim that they will be “transparent”, even though 527’s do not have the same disclosure requirements as a PAC. I will believe their claims of transparency when I see them.

And I am sure that people will rush to attack those who question the motives of “Believe in Louisiana”. But just as opposing aspects of the “Patriot Act” does not imply a lack of patriotism, questioning the motives behind “Believe in Louisiana” does not imply that one does not believe in Louisiana either.

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4 Responses to Who is behind “Believe in Louisiana”?

  1. chukmaty says:

    “Just like Pravda”

    Get a life, people have every right to push their beliefs and if they don’t their detractors will run them over.

    Jindal’ success has been epic and if he keeps the momentum going he could make a hugely positive impact on the state of Louisiana and thus give the country an example of conservatism in action that it so desperately needs.

  2. Daniel Z. says:

    “people have every right to push their beliefs”
    That is very true, people have every right to push their beliefs (just as I have every right to push mine). So for you to tell me to get a life for what I said and then follow it up with that statement just seems a bit illogical.

    “if they don’t their detractors will run them over”
    If their detractors are right then they deserve to get run over (politically, not literally)

    “Jindal’ success has been epic”
    Says who? Jindal and his merry band of propagandists?

    ” if he keeps the momentum going he could make a hugely positive impact on the state of Louisiana ”

    If he keeps going he will definitely have a positive impact. He will prove that regardless of who we elect, the voters always get the short end of the stick in the end. That is until the voters realize that we cannot just believe everything someone says, even if annointed by one party or the other.

    “thus give the country an example of conservatism in action that it so desperately needs.”

    Our country has suffered at the hands of 8 years of conservatism “in action” (or should that read “innaction”) and we have suffered for it. We don’t need any more.

    So please tell me how Jindal is doing conservatives proud. Is spending MORE money than Blanco making him a Conservative (even though he criticized the size of Blanco’s budget previously)?

    Is the double standard of increased transparency on the legislature but no increased transparency on the governors office a shining example of conservatism?

    Is the “we don’t think legislators should get free tickets so we will propose a law that forbids it… but until then and while it is legal we will hand out free tickets” hypocrisy going to prove to the country of how Conservatism will make our lives better?

    One thing I love is how Jindal supporters will make such statements like your “Jindal’s success has been epic” yet you fail to actually say what he did that was epic. It is not epic to enact ethics legislation that is a window dressing. It is not epic to enact ethics legislation when the ethics legislation still allows Jindal (and others) to keep practicing the unethical behavior of circumventing campaign finance limitations by having people contribute via multiple corporations.

    The only thing that Jindal has done that is epic is his ability to fool the voters.

  3. Daniel Z. says:

    Louisiana’s Pravda has yet to produce the listing of its backers as it said it would.

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