Don’t cross Bobby Jindal

Mr. “transparency in Government” himself, Governor Jindal, is not only refusing to listen to military advisors he appointed for issues surrounding the Louisiana National Guard, but he is not letting anybody see the report they submitted either. According to T-P:

The Louisiana National Guard is suffering from low morale, leadership problems and nepotism, according to a group of retired generals appointed by Gov. Bobby Jindal to review the military department’s operations.

The governor’s office, however, has dismissed some of the suggestions made by the generals and has refused to release the report, citing executive privilege.

So executive privilege now trumps transparency? I wonder how the hacks who support Jindal and everything he does will defend that.

The article discusses a letter to the administration by Adjunct Gen. Ansel “Buddy” Stroud and a response by Timmy “my homeschooled homeboy” Teepell. An important statement by Stroud involving all this is:

“Our committee members . . . were told that the reason for our mission was to keep politics out of the process,” Stroud’s letter says. “Because of this statement, these committee members agreed to devote their valuable time to the project. Obviously, we were misled regarding this.

That just goes to show that Jindal will say one thing and do another.

“I just wished the governor would have approached this in a manner that was more open, and not as divisive as it has become in the last week,” said retired Brig. Gen. Sam deGeneres, a member of the panel. “He has challenged Gen. Stroud’s integrity, as well as ours, and that’s not acceptable. Mr. Teepell owes Gen. Stroud a public apology and he owes the members of the committee a public apology.”

I wouldn’t expect one from Mr. Teepell. The arrogance of the Jindal administration is clear and Homeschool has that arrogance down to a T.

More from the article…

Retired Brig. Gen. Kenneth Ross said he and his fellow panel members put in days of work only to be rudely dismissed by the governor’s office. He said he hoped the panel’s concerns about the Guard would reach the governor.

“I’m actually mystified,” Ross said. “I thought Bobby Jindal was smarter than this.”

Well, a lot of people thought a lot of things about Governor Jindal that they are now finding to be false. If only someone had been around to reveal those things about Bobby Jindal ahead of time….

And as if this wasn’t enough, while listening to Jeff Crouere this morning I heard that Jindal replaced the now former head of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Colonel James Champagne. Why? Cause Bobby Jindal promised the bikers that he would repeal the helmet law and the Colonel was against such a change. He fought Governor Foster when Foster tried to repeal the helmet law during his administration. Champagne helped Blanco get the law reinstated. So now that Jindal wants to allow bikers to splatter their brains all over the highway, the best way to do that is to remove someone from the LOUISIANA HIGHWAY SAFETY COMMISSION who is trying to make sure that Louisiana’s Highways are safe. Go figure.

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  1. T. Wong says:

    Re the helmet thing– I wonder how Jindal’s religious right supporters will feel about him facilitating Darwin Awards for his supporters?

    Or is he recognizing the dearth of organ donors?

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