Women and healthcare reform.

This was discussed on Dan and Dave on the Air but it needs to be repeated, over and over.

There are some states where it is legal for a health insurance company to consider a battered woman as someone who has a “preexisting condition”.

Anybody who has been paying attention to this healthcare debate has to have heard about the woman who was denied breast cancer treatments because she was found out to have made a material misrepresentation on her insurance application… she failed to disclose that she once had acne.

Many in the GOP want to defeat health reform legislation. To the women who support the GOP on this issue I say this. If you fight to keep the status quo, knowing what you know about these cases and others, you are not only signing a death warrant for yourself if you come down with a serious condition, you are signing a death warrant for your mothers, your sisters, your daughters and your friends. Remember that.

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