Bobby Jindal fundraising staffer injured while helping to circumvent ethics rules

It is against Louisiana law for a governor to campaign for himself during the legislative session.

It is not against the law for a governor to campaign for his party during the legislative session.

Any funds raised for the party during the legislative session can be given to (or spent on) the Governor once the legislative session is over.

Connecting the dots and you will see how the ethics law can be circumvented. But our Governor would never seek to get around the law for his own benefit, would he?

Well, if you have been reading my blog posts for the last few years you would obviously know the answer to that question. And during the recent Republican convention in New Orleans, Bobby Jindal did just that. He campaigned for the Louisiana Republican Party during the legislative session. But not only was he there,  his campaign finance director was also there.

Afterward, she was involved in an incident where she broke her leg.

Now, details about the altercation are not known at this moment so we do not know who is at fault or why the altercation happened. I also do not wish harm on people I disagree with politically. However, perhaps if Jindal and those helping him would seek to stick to the spirit of the law and not seek to take advantage of every single loophole imaginable, karma would not be seeking to bite them in the ass.

Just sayin…

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2 Responses to Bobby Jindal fundraising staffer injured while helping to circumvent ethics rules

  1. Kathleen Vickers says:

    Save the faux outrage…and while you’re at it, take a look at these photos of Governor Blanco at LDP Fundraisers.

  2. Daniel Z. says:

    Faux outrage? Hardly.

    Bobby Jindal is a liar and a hypocrite when it comes to ethics and every unethical act only serves to reveal the tarnish that hides behind the artificial luster.

    Even if Blanco did campaign during the legislative session, what difference would that make? Are you arguing that her doing it makes Jindal doing it ok? I wouldn’t.

    Bobby Jindal is free to campaign all he wants. Him doing it for the LA GOP during the legislative session is his taking advantage of a legal loophole. Someone who supposedly thinks ethical behavior is important doesn’t seek out loopholes. People who are sincere about ethics reform would try and close the loopholes.

    Get it?

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