Alliance for not so good government.

The organization that calls itself the “Alliance for Good Government” is really lying.

My first dealings with them came in my 2004 congressional race for LA01. I just assumed that this would be an unbiased organization whose intent was to question all of the candidates and pick the one who would best represent the district in question. As I was waiting for the event to start, I saw members of the A4GG walking around with Bobby Jindal bumper stickers and yard signs. Clearly they had made up their mind before he even got there.

What further surprised me was the form I had to fill out prior to the event. One of the questions asked on that form was how much money I would have to contribute to A4GG advertising if I won the endorsement. This tells me that they are only the Alliance for candidates who have raised enough money and that underfunded candidates with good ideas shouldn’t even bother.

I ran for office two more times. Each time I went to the Alliance for Good Government forum. Each time I saw the same question pertaining to income that one could spend.

In 2006, David Gereighty ran for the same seat. He went to the forum for the Alliance for Good Government. He also had to fill out that same form. When he arrived at the forum, the moderator yelled at him while asking him a question. Yelled! What kind of moderator yells at a candidate on the forum? Only two of the four candidates bothered to show up to be endorsed by these hacks and they endorsed Jindal (one of the no shows). Seems to me like they had picked Jindal to get the endorsement before the meeting ever started. Why bother holding a farce of a candidate forum if you had no intention of endorsing anyone other than your hand picked candidate?

In 2008, Gilda Reed ran for the same position. John Wells, who has been a president of the St. Tammany Parish chapter of the A4GG, helped to organize the event. According to Gilda, the questions were posed to show off the knowledge of those asking the questions and not of the candidates. One wasted question was on maritime law and no candidate knew the answer. In a later Facebook discussion, Wells attacked Gilda for her lack of knowledge on the subject yet ignored the fact that Scalise also could not answer the question. This forum was another farce, with Scalise as their preselected candidate.

So today, in a discussion with several of my conservative friends, who should jump into the conversation but John Wells (to whom I had already stated my displeasure with the A4GG). His first response to me in joining the conversation was:

Daniel zimmerman, left wing bomb thrower Should have known. YOu do not recognize quality when you see it. Instead you continue to promote falsehoods as facts and put an intensely liberal spin to support your fantaises. Not so nice to hear frm you again.

I left in the typos. My response:

 John: Member of a Faux “good government” organization.

It is easy to say that another is promoting falsehoods. It is much more difficult to point out those falsehoods and explain why they are. I am not shocked that a member of the Alliance for “Good Government” (for those who can afford to pay for their advertising) would take the easy way out.

To which John responded with:

 Ah Danny that is the latest falsehood. You know the Alliance promotes truth unlike you. Why don’t you go back to creating software. if you are responsible for that computer mess at UNO you need to concentrate on that instead of tyryiong to engage in intelligent conversation. Say are you civil service?\

Of course, the Alliance does not promote truth, only candidates who they preselect and those candidates must have money to buy their advertising for them. He then rambles on about some computer mess at UNO (I have only been to UNO once since 2006 and that was to watch our President speak) and I have no idea why he would think I am civil service. I have worked for a private company since 2006.

Of course, this comment was tame compared to the comment he then manufactured out of thin air (emphasis mine):

Mr. Zimmerman has been brainwashed by the left – assuming there is much of a brain to begin with. Has not impressed me with his truthfulness – notice the rather stupid attack on the Alliance. Danny boy throws stones at those trying to help make things better while he continues to rant based on God what knows premise. A Loughner in waiting? Maybe, maybe not. But he certainly bears watching. If you see him hanging around outside your house you may want to consider calling 911. I certainly will.

That is right, you read it correctly. Because I am supposedly brainwashed, he thinks that I could be a Jared Loughner in waiting. This man, and his so called alliance for good government, is part of the problem of what is wrong with the political system today. Such hatred and vitriol coming from someone who, at least for a while, was the head of an organization that passes itself off as unbiased and a promoter of quality candidates who support “good government”.

Things like this should be taken into consideration when considering endorsements from the A4GG. Remember that their forums are often a farce and their office holders are often very biased. Some yell at forum attendees and others are just paranoid delusional. I do know some very nice people who are members of the Alliance. But they seem to be few and far between and are too few in number to make the organization actually stand up for what they claim to stand up for.

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2 Responses to Alliance for not so good government.

  1. Gilda Reed says:

    It disturbs me that narrow-minded, biased people can be so hate-filled in their dealings with other loyal Americans with differing opinions. Thank God the whole nation is not as backward and bigoted as the state I love best–Louisiana.

  2. John says:

    It disturbs me Gilda, at how little you knew.

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