Deregulating Conservatives are a threat to human life

Conservatives like to say that regulation kills businesses and that the free market should dictate what businesses should do in their daily operations. They fight regulations that are meant to make people safer as “job killers” that are harmful to the economy.

Japan, a country that seems to have some very successful businesses the last time I check, has very strict building regulations that were designed to protect people in earthquakes.  These regulations may very well have saved the lives of thousands of people. Did you see the video of the building swaying in Tokyo? It was designed to do that. Why? Because Japan has regulations set forth to protect its citizens and its infrastructure from damage in earthquakes, people live today who would not have lived had our conservatives been in charge over there.

Meanwhile, the GOP in their attempts to defund everyone and their mother, chose to defund our tsunami warning systems in the Pacific.

And perhaps regulation does kill jobs. Deregulation kills people.

Why do Conservatives not see the problem here?

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