My taxes have gone up under Obama

That’s right, I said it. My family brings in less than $100K a year and my taxes have gone up from last year to this year.

Now, I am sure all my conservative friends will take this opportunity to say “AHA! See! He lied! Here is proof!”.

But that mindset fails to take into consideration 2 key facts.

1) Promises made on the campaign are basically what the candidate wants to do and not what the candidate will actually be able to do. Remember, a President cannot act alone. We do not live in a dictatorship. He must convince a majority of other politicians in both house, each having to answer back to his or her constituents.

2) The reason I got a tax increase is because the GOP thought it was more important to protect the incomes of millionaires. The GOP said “screw the middle class, we want to pay off the rich guys”.

Do Obama and the Democrats deserve some blame on this. Sure. When dealing with the GOP it is time that they grew a damned spine and stood up to them. But the driving force behind making sure millionaires got extended tax breaks and raising taxes on the middle class was  the GOP. So when I write my check to the IRS for what I now owe them, it will be because of the Republican Party and their misguided plans for our country.

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2 Responses to My taxes have gone up under Obama

  1. Marty says:

    To bad you forget that the Democrats controlled both houses as you try to lay blame on a party that could and was easily out voted all the time as they rubber stamped what Obama wanted. Dems had a majority in the house and held a super majority in the senate and that stayed as fact tell the 2010 elections and congress being seated in Jan. 2011. So who was it again that raised your taxes? That’s right the controlling majority and the signing of that bill by Obama now that is the truth!

  2. Daniel Z. says:

    What about “Do Obama and the Democrats deserve some blame on this. Sure. ” did you not understand?

    But at the time of the vote on the taxes that year, Scott Brown had taken over the seat and the Democrats no longer had 60 votes in the Senate.

    You seem to forget your history.

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