My brilliant kid, and how the GOP is trying to hurt him.

Let me brag for a second about my boy Thomas. While sitting with him tonight I had a book that had Grover and the alphabet. I opened it to a random page and the open pages had a couple letters available for him to see. I asked him to show me the letter R. He pointed to the right one. As I went forwards and backwards in the book, asking him to show me specific letters, he only missed H and J. He nailed all the other letters. He is such a smart little boy.

Now, my wife and I both work. So his grandmother watches him during the day. He loves spending time with his grandmother. There are some shows that they like to watch together including one called Super Why, a show on PBS that has the main character and three of his friends going into story books and using the morals of the story to solve their own problems. On their way they find letters, spell words, and match rhyming words. It is a very cute show. Thomas gets so cute when “Alpha Pig” sings the alpha bet song.

Super Why is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s ready to learn grant.

The GOP Budget would take away all federal funding from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

Super Why is not indoctrinating my (or any other) child with political beliefs. It is just a good show for kids to watch that teaches good lessons. I am convinced it has managed to help my son recognize the letters of the alphabet at a very young age. Yet the GOP has managed to vilify the Corporation for Public Broadcasting¬† because of a few statements from a few people. Federal funding cannot solve all the worlds problems. But it can help children learn and there is absolutely nothing wrong with federal funds being used to help children learn. But in the attempt by the GOP to defund all things “liberal” because they want to defeat Obama and Democrats at all costs, they are putting Super Why up on the chopping block and will take away a very important learning resource for children like Thomas.

I urge you to contact your Congressmen, especially the conservative ones who would support this cut, and demand that they protect shows like Super Why, and our kids, from partisan politics.

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  1. The cut does make sense in that these vile people see education as the enemy.

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