The Hornets season, the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

Monty Williams is a rookie head coach who vastly  improved the record of the Hornets, got them to the playoffs and got them to game 6 against the defending NBA champions without one of their key players. I cannot stress that point enough. That is an amazing fact and as we dissect the previous season we cannot allow this fact to be ignored.

We have an amazing player in Chris Paul who elevates the play of many players around him. Hopefully the Hornets will be able to either convince him to stay or be able to use some sort of franchise tag when they renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement.

The Bad:

In a season that seemed to be filled with good decisions, getting rid of Marcus Thornton had to be one of the biggest mistakes the Hornets could have possibly made. One only needs to look at the impact he had as a starter for Sacramento to see the talent we gave up along with cash to get Carl Landry. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like the pickup of Landry. He has length and hustles. He is a hard worker and stepped up big when David West went down. However, I have to think that if we could have traded Marcus and some cash for Landry that we could have traded someone else and more cash for Landry as well?

The Hornets really do not have the size that I think will be needed to compete in the future of the NBA. The Thunder is looking very dangerous and only looks to get even more impressive as they grow and mature as a team. The Lakers have very imposing big men who can impose their will at will. Something has to be done to get some height in order to have an imposing presence in the lane.

The Ugly:

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