Don’t be that guy, or that girl!

Who is that guy or that girl? Well, it is the person who thinks “The media is right, Jindal is going to win, so it doesn’t matter and I will just stay home”.

Just think to yourself how many people are in Louisiana who are unhappy with Jindal because he eliminated transparency on his office, has failed our children with failing education grades, has failed our healthcare with our dead last health rankings and who has failed this state in many other ways. Imagine if all of them just believed the “presstitutes” lie that you need money to win and just sat home on election day and voted for the status quo with the no vote. Now, imagine all of them coming out and deciding that they are not going to be that person who just allowed Bobby Jindal to walk right in for a 2nd term without voicing your displeasure.

Do you want to be in the group of people voted for Bobby Jindal by staying home and not voting? Or do you want to be in the group who just took a few minutes out of their day to let Bobby Jindal know that they are not happy and that you are not one of his supporters.

While you make up your mind, I hope you will consider checking out .

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