What the Jindal Administration doesn’t want you to know about unemployment

Jindal touts job creation as major issue in campaign.

Bobby Jindal claims in his campaign commercial that in this bad economy that he has managed to bring a certain number of jobs to this state. It has been pointed out that he has played “fast and loose” with those numbers.

But in the first article linked to, the Jindal Administration would ignore some very important things. They would have you believe that the problems in Louisiana are based on national issues (i.e. Obama) and not statewide issues.

However,  what they don’t want you to know is that the unemployment rate should be higher than what it is now. This is not to say that Jindal did a good job and that is why it would otherwise be higher. It is because Jindal rejected the unemployment benefit extension. By doing so, he made sure that Louisiana citizens fell out of the unemployment system early (and as such would not be counted in the rate). Jindal doesn’t care that Louisiana families suffer because he failed to increase those benefits in a bad economy. All he cares about is that he can claim a lower rate than anyone else and the bought and paid for media, i.e. the presstitutes, won’t question him on why. Don’t let him get away with it. Spread the word!

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