Tara Hollis campaign accused of violating intellectual property rights.

This is my intellectual property…

I designed it in 2007. It may not be a difficult piece of graphic design. However, that doesn’t make it any less mine. I have used it on cafepress.com for four years to try and earn a profit. I may not have sold a lot of shirts or bumper stickers, but that doesn’t give anyone else permission to use it without my consent.

Unfortunately, some people seem to not respect intellectual property. I have recently written a press release about how the Tara Hollis campaign page on Facebook has been advertised using this very image that I created. The image has been used without permission or compensation. The campaign first claimed to have stopped using the image at my request. However, later the campaign claimed to not know about the image in  the first place. Of course, one must ask how one would take down an image that one knew nothing about. It seems to me that the Tara Hollis campaign is being dishonest. If they cannot be trusted to respect the intellectual property rights of the people of Louisiana, how can they be trusted to fix the ethical problems that Governor Jindal has left us with?

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  1. Terrytroll says:

    What do you expect from a Republican in Democratic clothing? She became a dem shortly before she filed to run for the office. She has stated she will not support the President. I voted for Cary Deaton yesterday. At least he has always been a Democrat and supports the top of the ticket.

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