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A message from an imperfect male feminist.

Trigger warning for rape. My name is Dan. I am a feminist. I support equal rights for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or any other group who does not currently benefit from privilege. I seek to eliminate … Continue reading

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Equality for -insert group here- is redundant.

There have been times where I have said that we need equality for women or equality for people who are LGBT. But do we really need to add the grouping at the end? If we achieve equality for women but … Continue reading

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On Benefits and Birth Control

There is a big argument going on now about the rules that would require all health insurance plans, even group plans for people who work for religious backed organizations, to cover the birth control pill at no cost. Some are … Continue reading

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Hostilidays 2011 part 2

This makes the last entry look amateur.

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Hostilidays 2011

A late entry this year.

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Bobby Jindal and corruption

When John Alario last ran for the Louisiana State Senate as a Democrat, the Louisiana GOP sent out a flyer that stated:  If you care at all about ending corruption in our state then we need your help! The Republican … Continue reading

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2004: The point where the Louisana Democratic Party started failing

Look at where the Louisiana Democratic Party was in 2004. We had a Democratic Governor. We had two Democratic Senators. We had a Democratic Lt. Governor. We had a Democratic Attorney General. The party controlled the legislature. What went wrong? … Continue reading

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Why I am voting for Niki Bird Papazoglakis for Governor

Her main platform is that of Foster Campbell in 2007, that of an oil and gas pass-through tax that would replace all existing taxes on the books. It would fund the state well beyond the current budgets and could do … Continue reading

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Tara Hollis: No Progressive

Which candidate for governor:     supports archaic anti-woman / anti-choice laws     supports the teaching of creationism in science classrooms     supports limiting patients’ access to the courts and caps insurance companies liability     supports allowing guns on school campuses … Continue reading

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Tara Hollis campaign accused of violating intellectual property rights.

This is my intellectual property… I designed it in 2007. It may not be a difficult piece of graphic design. However, that doesn’t make it any less mine. I have used it on for four years to try and … Continue reading

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