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What the Jindal Administration doesn’t want you to know about unemployment

Jindal touts job creation as major issue in campaign. Bobby Jindal claims in his campaign commercial that in this bad economy that he has managed to bring a certain number of jobs to this state. It has been pointed out … Continue reading

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Don’t be that guy, or that girl!

Who is that guy or that girl? Well, it is the person who thinks “The media is right, Jindal is going to win, so it doesn’t matter and I will just stay home”. Just think to yourself how many people … Continue reading

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More on Palin and the Paul Revere gaff

The wars about Sarah Palin and her revisionist version of history are heating up even more. In case you happened to missed it, this is what she said about the famous Paul Revere midnight ride. ¬†He who warned uh, the … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Obama and Israel

President Obama discussed the issues in the Middle East today and more specifically the Israel/Palestine problems. He suggested that with the exception of mutually agreed land swaps that the lines between a Palestinian State and Israel should be based on … Continue reading

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How many lives has the moratorium ended?

How many lives did the irresponsible drilling practices of the oil industry end? Just sayin…

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… the Ugly: Or my letter to the NBA

Dear NBA, My name is Dan Zimmerman. I am an fan of the New Orleans Hornets. As they say, I am “In”. I have been a season ticket holder for three seasons now and have plans to be a season … Continue reading

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The Hornets season, the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good: Monty Williams is a rookie head coach who vastly¬† improved the record of the Hornets, got them to the playoffs and got them to game 6 against the defending NBA champions without one of their key players. I … Continue reading

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More stupidity from Labruzzo

Republican John Labruzzo is now proposing a law that would ban all abortions in the state of Louisiana. Labruzzo acknowledges that the law violates Roe v Wade and the reason he is pushing it is to try and challenge that … Continue reading

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A question for my conservative friends.

On facebook, one of my conservative friends said that the difference between the two parties are so great that the only option would be secession. Now, I disagree. But I would ask what would a “Tea Party States of America” … Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers Compromised

The Tea Party has told the GOP that if they compromise on the budget that they will replace the existing leadership. One thing the Tea Party like to do is discuss the founding fathers a lot. Their name comes from … Continue reading

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