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How to make sure Bobby Jindal never becomes president.

How can Louisiana Democrats make sure that Bobby Jindal will never become President of the United States (in 2012 or any other year)?

Make sure he doesn’t win re-election in 2011.

If the citizens of his own state reject him as Governor, nobody nationally would take him seriously.

So how do you accomplish this goal? Well, you need to start working now to show the people of Louisiana that his promised ethics reform was just a bunch of lies. You need to show how he actually reduced transparency on his office and that he made it harder for the state to convict people on ethics violations by increasing the required burden of proof.

You then need to find a candidate with statewide appeal that can make the arguments against Jindal effectively while proposing true ethics reform (like eliminating the ability of corporations to contribute to political campaigns).

Yes, I know, easier said than done. But if it can be accomplished, we would be doing the USA a huge favor.

How do these people get hired?

One would think that if a person was going to be hired for a major newspaper that they would be required to actually do some research on the articles they write. Brendan Miniter in his No Room for RINOs article states:

Mr. Jindal is a boy wonder of the party. At 25, he was appointed to fix Louisiana’s failing Medicaid program, and succeeded.

Anybody who has been paying attention and who has done the slightest bit of research (other than listening to Bobby Jindal press releases) would know that the healthcare system in Louisiana got worse under Jindal’s tenure. The only thing he did was cut spending. But that cut spending resulted in  decreased access to healthcare that helped Louisiana’s health ranking drop to dead last.

But it seems like the WSJ is not that picky if they are willing to allow people to write for them who fail to do any fact checking.

A Jindal 2012 blog has started

They list the reasons why the Republican Party needs Bobby Jindal in 2012. Obviously they learned nothing from this election.

With Jindal, that base will be excited from day one.  Jindal is an outspoken Catholic and has been known to give his “testimony” in front of Prodestant churches.  This will be well received by the base and will bring back some of the Christians lost to the Democrats in the 2008 Election.  I know this may be a controversal point for some of you non-believers but I truly think faith still matters in this Country.

Jindal will absolutely bring out the base of the party, just like Sarah Palin did. However, both Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin are extremist conservatives who will be rejected by independents just like McCain/Palin was rejected by those same independents. Sure, Jindal may be able to handle an interview with Katie Couric better than Palin. However, the people that rejected McCain/Palin for Palin’s extremist views are not likely to embrace Jindal.

 I think it’s time they step up and actually support a minority candidate.  Bobby Jindal is an Indian-American, and would fit that roll nicely.  Believe me, if he can get elected as Governor in Louisiana (as racist as parts of that State used to be), he can get elected as U.S. President.

This argument brings me back to the idea that Jindal did not win the 2003 election against Blanco because of racists. Yes, I am sure that there are plenty of people who are racist who voted against Jindal because he is not white. However, as I learned while campaigning for David Gereighty in 2006, that there are plenty of racists in Louisiana who voted FOR Jindal and would “never vote for a Democrat because Democrats are a bunch of NI***R LOVERS“. I would argue that Jindal nearly won in 2003 because of those voters. Here is a newsflash, you do not have to just support white people to be racist. All you have to do to be racist is be against one race.

And does the author of this post really believe that people will change their minds about Republicans because Republicans are now supporting a minority? The McCain campaign believed that women voters would vote for McCain/Palin because Palin is a woman. That idea failed miserably. But if the Republicans want to keep trying failed ideas over and over again, I welcome them to try.