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Bobby Jindal and corruption

When John Alario last ran for the Louisiana State Senate as a Democrat, the Louisiana GOP sent out a flyer that stated:  If you care at all about ending corruption in our state then we need your help! The Republican … Continue reading

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2004: The point where the Louisana Democratic Party started failing

Look at where the Louisiana Democratic Party was in 2004. We had a Democratic Governor. We had two Democratic Senators. We had a Democratic Lt. Governor. We had a Democratic Attorney General. The party controlled the legislature. What went wrong? … Continue reading

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Tara Hollis: No Progressive

Which candidate for governor:     supports archaic anti-woman / anti-choice laws     supports the teaching of creationism in science classrooms     supports limiting patients’ access to the courts and caps insurance companies liability     supports allowing guns on school campuses … Continue reading

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Tara Hollis campaign accused of violating intellectual property rights.

This is my intellectual property… I designed it in 2007. It may not be a difficult piece of graphic design. However, that doesn’t make it any less mine. I have used it on for four years to try and … Continue reading

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What the Jindal Administration doesn’t want you to know about unemployment

Jindal touts job creation as major issue in campaign. Bobby Jindal claims in his campaign commercial that in this bad economy that he has managed to bring a certain number of jobs to this state. It has been pointed out … Continue reading

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Don’t be that guy, or that girl!

Who is that guy or that girl? Well, it is the person who thinks “The media is right, Jindal is going to win, so it doesn’t matter and I will just stay home”. Just think to yourself how many people … Continue reading

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More stupidity from Labruzzo

Republican John Labruzzo is now proposing a law that would ban all abortions in the state of Louisiana. Labruzzo acknowledges that the law violates Roe v Wade and the reason he is pushing it is to try and challenge that … Continue reading

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Alliance for not so good government.

The organization that calls itself the “Alliance for Good Government” is really lying. My first dealings with them came in my 2004 congressional race for LA01. I just assumed that this would be an unbiased organization whose intent was to … Continue reading

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Caldwell switches from DINO to GOP

Last April I discussed how the office of the Attorney General in Louisiana had been neutered by Jindal when Caldwell joined the lawsuit against the health reform legislation that had just passed. Caldwell proved that his office would not be … Continue reading

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Why the campaign finance reporting system is flawed.

WWL ran  a story about campaign finance reporting and the fines that go with the system we have in place. I ran for the Kenner City Council. I had to leave town during the campaign to visit my mother in … Continue reading

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