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Bobby Jindal and corruption

When John Alario last ran for the Louisiana State Senate as a Democrat, the Louisiana GOP sent out a flyer that stated: ┬áIf you care at all about ending corruption in our state then we need your help! The Republican … Continue reading

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Why I am voting for Niki Bird Papazoglakis for Governor

Her main platform is that of Foster Campbell in 2007, that of an oil and gas pass-through tax that would replace all existing taxes on the books. It would fund the state well beyond the current budgets and could do … Continue reading

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Don’t be that guy, or that girl!

Who is that guy or that girl? Well, it is the person who thinks “The media is right, Jindal is going to win, so it doesn’t matter and I will just stay home”. Just think to yourself how many people … Continue reading

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How many lives has the moratorium ended?

How many lives did the irresponsible drilling practices of the oil industry end? Just sayin…

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Putting a bounty out on the heads of the dirty birds

The Panthers are going to get the first pick in the next draft. They have clinched that with their league worst 2 wins with a 2 win “advantage” for that spot. They have absolutely nothing to lose by defeating the … Continue reading

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I’ll be on GT Morning all this week

Starting today and through the end of the week I am subbing in for David Gereighty on GT morning. Tomorrow (Tuesday the 20th for those reading this on Facebook, just in case they take forever to upload the feed) the … Continue reading

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Republicans are outraged, outraged I tell you!

The Army Corps of Engineers has denied the use of rocks to prevent oil from reaching our coast. The reason given by the Corps is given here and includes their suggestion that by placing the rock walls that they would … Continue reading

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John Boehner has no clue

Republican Senator John Boehner is against the moratorium. Although… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy One problem Senator Boehner… this pause you speak of IS WHAT THE MORATORIUM IS FOR! Moron.

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Take away the keys

There are a lot of people who are signing internet petitions in opposition to the temporary moratorium on deep water drilling. To those people I would ask this question: What other business would we allow to continue to operate after … Continue reading

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Trust women

What is up with the conservatives in this legislative session? First they passed legislation giving the Secretary of Health more power to shut down clinics if the clinic is deemed to be a danger to a patient of the abortion … Continue reading

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