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More stupidity from Labruzzo

Republican John Labruzzo is now proposing a law that would ban all abortions in the state of Louisiana. Labruzzo acknowledges that the law violates Roe v Wade and the reason he is pushing it is to try and challenge that … Continue reading

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Sharron Angle’s God has a plan

And that plan includes women getting raped and impregnated. See, there is no possible situation that she can think of where an abortion is acceptable. Not for rape and not even to save the life of the pregnant woman. If … Continue reading

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Trust women

What is up with the conservatives in this legislative session? First they passed legislation giving the Secretary of Health more power to shut down clinics if the clinic is deemed to be a danger to a patient of the abortion … Continue reading

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What if this was your wife?

Imagine your wife is pregnant. She has a life or death situation and the safest course of action is to abort the pregnancy. Would you want your doctor or hospital second guessing that decision? Would you want to be free … Continue reading

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Dealing with prolife lies about the Senate language of the healthcare legislation

I called the Jeff Crouere show on WGSO 990 AM on Thursday morning to correct him about taxpayer dollars going to pay for abortions. The Senate language does not do this (no matter how many prolife politicians or groups want … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood responds to the Tebow superbowl ad

The ad can be viewed here. It is really good (and it is good to see that they went in a similar direction as I suggested, not that they got the idea from me)

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Tim Tebow and the Superbowl.

I guess Tim Tebow was so impatient to be seen in the Superbowl that he couldn’t wait to get drafted and take his team there. Apparently, he will be staring in a commercial sponsored by Focus on your own damned … Continue reading

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Republicans take all or nothing approach

In showing how the Republican party does not quite understand the real world, not only did the Republicans affirm their quest to obtain a constitutional ban on abortion, they also removed the reductions of abortions from their party platform. So … Continue reading

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Why Fred Thompson can’t win

Fred Thompson has come out with his view on abortion and it is one that will bother both sides. He doesn’t support a national ban preventing abortion, which will push the extremists in the pro-life wing of the Republican party. … Continue reading

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Why “pro-life” pharmacists are hypocrites

I guess I should actually limit that label to those “pro-life” pharmacists who don’t want to dispense oral contraceptives.   The Pope recently stated that Pharmacists should be able to be “conscientious objectors” when it comes to prescribing medications that would violate their … Continue reading

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