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Equality for -insert group here- is redundant.

There have been times where I have said that we need equality for women or equality for people who are LGBT. But do we really need to add the grouping at the end? If we achieve equality for women but … Continue reading

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On Benefits and Birth Control

There is a big argument going on now about the rules that would require all health insurance plans, even group plans for people who work for religious backed organizations, to cover the birth control pill at no cost. Some are … Continue reading

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Don’t be that guy, or that girl!

Who is that guy or that girl? Well, it is the person who thinks “The media is right, Jindal is going to win, so it doesn’t matter and I will just stay home”. Just think to yourself how many people … Continue reading

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Refudiating the Blood Libel

Sarah Palin has been known for her gaff tracks. She couldn’t name one court case she disagreed with other than Roe v Wade on the campaign trail. She previously confused the words refute and repudiate with the word “refudiate”. Now … Continue reading

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The Arizona shooting

There are some people for whom the left/right paradigm does not fit. Some people on the extreme right have more in common with those on the extreme left than they do with the moderates. And some people hold beliefs that … Continue reading

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Is it good or bad that a judge overturned the federal gay marriage ban?

Be clear, I support the ability of a gay couple to sign the same contract that a heterosexual couple can sign. Today a federal judge overturned¬† the federal gay marriage ban, in part, because it interferes with the right* of … Continue reading

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Sleestak wins PA Democratic Primary

Seems a Sleestak won the PA Democratic Primary. How will he get anything done with that hissing sound? What is that you say? Sestak? OHHHHHH! My bad! Good luck Mr. Sestak! I hope you nail the Club for Growth candidate … Continue reading

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Neutering the Louisiana AG office.

Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell defended his reasoning for joining the previously all Republican attempt to overturn the new healthcare legislation via a lawsuit with the given excuse: ¬†As Attorney General, I am duty bound by my oath of office to … Continue reading

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A really dumb poll

A recent poll states that only 8% of Americans want Congress to be reelected. This is just about as dumb as the congressional approval rating polls. Why are such polls meaningless? Because at the end of the day, incumbents typically … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow and the Superbowl.

I guess Tim Tebow was so impatient to be seen in the Superbowl that he couldn’t wait to get drafted and take his team there. Apparently, he will be staring in a commercial sponsored by Focus on your own damned … Continue reading

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