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On Benefits and Birth Control

There is a big argument going on now about the rules that would require all health insurance plans, even group plans for people who work for religious backed organizations, to cover the birth control pill at no cost. Some are … Continue reading

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What if this was your wife?

Imagine your wife is pregnant. She has a life or death situation and the safest course of action is to abort the pregnancy. Would you want your doctor or hospital second guessing that decision? Would you want to be free … Continue reading

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Louisiana Democrat suggests terrible bill

Ignore the silly human hybrid crap in the first part of this article. What is really important to be discussing here is the second part of the article where a Louisiana Democrat, Bernard LeBas, is proposing a bill that would … Continue reading

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New Orleans Catholic Conundrums

I have a whole lot of questions about the issue of the Catholic Church closings before forming a final opinion on the issue. However, two things come to mind. A) If the Catholic Church, and not the parishioners, own the … Continue reading

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Will Warren say “Jesus”

A new issue has come up on the issue of the inauguration prayer that will be provided by Evangelical Rick Warren for Barack Obama. People are worried that Warren will say Jesus as part of the prayer. This brings me back … Continue reading

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ZOMG Obama picked Warren to do an invocation and the sky is falling too!

The pick of Pastor Rick Warren has caused an uproar amongst Obama supporters, especially gay rights activists, because of Warren’s extremist conservative views on gay marriage and abortion. Ironically, Warren is also getting blasted for his participation in the Obama … Continue reading

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Black Voters in California and Prop. 8

While each and every person who voted against gay marriage on election day should be ashamed of themselves, the 70% of Black Voters in California who voted against gay marriage should be doubly ashamed. Many pundits have said that the … Continue reading

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ACLU vs Tangipahoa School Board, part 89,452,922

When I read the article title, Judge orders La. school district to stop Bible giveaways, I just knew it had to be Tangipahoa. Of course, they do not dissapoint. It seems that they supporting the passing out of Bibles. It … Continue reading

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Slidell to pay up

Damages were awarded in the Slidell lawsuit over the portrait of Jesus. In case you don’t remember… The ACLU filed the lawsuit after court officials refused the organization’s request to remove the portrait and lettering underneath that says, “To know peace, … Continue reading

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Sneaky sneaky fundies….

Ben Nevers, a Democrat, has proposed SB 561 , a bill that opens the door wide open for teaching creationism in the classroom and destroying the scientific process. Here are the words that will cause the problem. “Proposed law prohibits … Continue reading

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